KC has had many volunteers and participants over our nine year history - too many to name, and each a gem. Please enjoy these pictures!  You may see yourself or a neighbor...Thank you, Kinnelon!
Email us at kinnconserves@optonline.net. 
KC Founders, 2007, L to R:  Mary Derstine, Dana Spies, Avery Hart, Pam Meredith, (guest speaker, Grey Russell) JanetWindeknecht Brey, and Jo Sippie-Gora
KC is a grassroots group of residents devoted to sustainable, healthy living and preservation of nature. We are open to all, and welcome new members.   
Call 973-519-4385 for more information.
 Earth Day Greeters: 
Susan Clancy and  Arden Knudsen
KC 2015: Seated R to L: Avery Hart Mantell, Donna Perch. Arden Knudsen, Camille Gaines.  Standing R to L Jo Sippie-Gora. Lori Cohen, Mary Derstine
Above:  Earth Day Fair 2015,  Children's Librarian, Earth Day Fair co-sponsor, Galina Adair  
What we do:
  • Earth Day Fairs
  • Council Watchdogs
  • Films, speakers, & special events 
  • Update residents about local eco-issues